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“From day one working with SIPS-Texas has been a pleasure in both departments---product & customer care. The product is first rate and easy to install due to the precision they take at the factory cutting each panel, and customer care could not be any better---just a phone call away!”
John R Merritt
HCMM Homes

“Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (Denton Texas) represents good design on a tight budget. The quality of the worship space was paramount-careful attention to materials, color and scale guided the design decisions.”
Paul Dennehy, Dennehy Architects, Fort Worth, Texas.

"It's fabulous! SIPs are a proven technology that deserve much greater
application in the building industry."
Bob Vila

Having built 8 structures from SIP panels ranging from an 800 square foot hunting cabin to a 10,000 square foot school building and two personal homes I can fully attest to the quality of the process, the professionalism of the manufacturer, and the amazing insulation values and sturdiness of the this product. I would never return to traditional stick framing if I had a choice of SIP panels.
Rand Southard M.ED. , President and Founder, Charis Hills Inc.

Have you considered using SIPs? (Structurally Insulated Panels) As times goes on, I find that more and more clients are demanding quality of construction and energy efficiency.

As a Professional Designer, I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways of building energy efficient structures. My philosophy is not to change for the sake of changing, but when a product or system worthy of endorsement comes along I feel the need to make my clients aware of it. Such is the case with R-Control, SIPS Texas. I have designed many projects using this construction system, including the University of Texas Charter School in Ingram, Texas. In each case where I have used the system, I have found it to be superior in many ways to conventional framing. I strongly recommend SIPS Texas products for anyone who needs energy efficient, and cost effective construction methods.
James Kenalty, AIBD Riverside Drafting

I have designed and built many buildings using Structural Insulated Panels, both residential and commercial. The combination of strength, superior insulation, and ease of construction are difficult to achieve by other construction materials or methods. In particular, the incredibly tight, well insulated envelope created by SIPs makes conventional construction seem antiquated.
Mark McIlheran, P.E.


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